Spring reminder from the SNR Strategic Planning Committee

I hope some of you were able to attend Jennifer Spear’s Strategic Planning Made Easy workshop at Conference. If so, do let me know your greatest take-away, useful to your club, so we can share these at the workshop coming up at Soroptimist Development Retreat (July 7 – 8, 2018).
It’s at this time of year many of you will be preparing your draft budget for the 2018/2019 club year. Consider creating a strategic plan, and factor into your budget, Dream It; Be It Career Support For Girls, Live Your Dream, Club Giving, and Governor Elect Lane’s project (like Dress A Girl). Also, your club retreat is another great time to create or update your strategic plan.
We would love to achieve 100% participation in Sierra Nevada Region’s programs and projects, moving from an individual set of program actions and results, to coordinated, collective program actions, with deep impact for women and girls. Creating a strategic plan facilitates the evaluation of how we spend our time and resources to shape our organization’s future.
Thank you to the clubs which have sent a copy of their plan to me already. I would still love a copy when you have one. Do let me know if you have questions; we’re here to help.
Best Wishes,
Lisa Fitzgerald, Chair
SNR Strategic Planning Committee