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The No Guilt Club

Follow-up and Follow-through

Recruitment Minute: The NO GUILT Soroptimist Club – September 13, 2016

These days it seems like everyone is busy all the time-we have hectic schedules, and every moment is precious! Across the Sierra Nevada Region, many leaders have promoted a club philosophy that’s more positive, flexible, and better-aligned with the lifestyles of today’s active woman – the NO GUILT CLUB.

However- this doesn’t mean that NO GUILT CLUBS shouldn’t set basic standards and expectations for all members. Emphasize the balance between flexibility and responsibility. When implementing, make sure that members understand their core responsibilities such as paying dues and participation in key club events.

When you recruit someone to join your club, remember that she may have family, work, and other community responsibilities on her plate already. But, if she is willing to give some of her time to help your club in its mission to improve the lives of women and girls, that’s what makes her a great potential Soroptimist member!

Region Statistic Report June 2016

Total # of Clubs: 56

Total Membership: 1609

Retention Rates: 82%