Message from the Governor!

Governor's Message June 13, 2017

Sierra Nevada Region Soroptimist members,

Hope you are all doing well as you welcome your new board and celebrate the successes of the past year.

Items I want to share with you this week:

Our Fundraising Federation/Region Chair Kim Sayers from SI Bidwell Rancho asked me to share some information regarding Founders' Pennies.  Click here.  Our region has had a long standing requirement of mandatory member participation; however, we no longer require it.  I hope you do continue to support Soroptimist International of the Americas (SIA) through Founders' Pennies.

Some of you have requested the Powerpoint presentation (George Bailey story) that our SIA visitor at Conference Kathy King gave at Conference.  It has (or will be soon) added to our SNR website.

Soroptimist Development Retreat is coming up very soon.  Please registration NOW for both the Retreat and your hotel room.  I guarantee it will be worth your time.  It's for ALL members, not just your club officers.  See link to registration post below.

Lastly, in an effort to make this E-Blast method of communication more efficient and read by more members, starting July 2017, we will publish every 2 weeks versus the once a week as we do now.  The feedback from members is that is too often.  I know what my email inbox looks like, so I do understand.  I welcome your feedback as we try something new this next year.

Sincerely and in Soroptimist service,

Governor Vicki 

Message from the Governor May 26, 2017


Please find the 4th Board Meeting Call to SDR and the tentative Board Meeting Agenda.

Hope to see you all soon,

Governor Vicki

SNR Governor 2016-2018


Board Meeting Call to SDR

Tentative Board Meeting Agenda


Message from the Governor May 25, 2017


Please join me and the Sierra Nevada Region board for Soroptimist Development Retreat on July 8 - 9, 2017.

So, what is Soroptimist Development Retreat, you might ask?

Well, we call it SDR for short and it is a weekend of general and breakout sessions on all things Soroptimist. We have about 18 breakout sessions for our members to choose from, in addition to our 3 general sessions at meal times. This is something for EVERYONE. Years ago...many years ago, this was a training session for incoming officers. It has grown to be that and so much more.

For your registration fee of $100, you get three meals and the choice to choose from 18 sessions. I will be providing more information each week as the sessions are developing. So stay tuned and check your E-Blasts each week.

Information you NEED!


Click here for Registration to SDR.

If you want in on the chance to win a 1-night stay and spa passes for 2 at the Atlantis, register by June 8th. Yes, this is us trying to get you to register EARLY.

Register late, June 24th and beyond, and you will incur a $35 late fee. Yes, this is us trying to get you to register EARLY.

HOTEL Registration

You will need a hotel room if you are a local, so you can do that here. The Atlantis needs you to register for you room by June 17th.

We have a great weekend planned, so please send your club members. I guarantee it will be worth it.

Hope to see you at SDR 2017.

Governor Vicki


SNR Conference Winners

Message from the Governor May 2, 2017


I just want to take a moment of your time to thank all of you who attended, presented and/or worked at our 41st Annual Conference this past weekend.  My goal was to sprinkle fun throughout the weekend and bring you some experiences from past SIA Conventions.  We tried a few new things with some working and some not so much.  Your feedback is key to improvements for next year.  Thank you to those of you who left your evaluation comments as you were leaving on Sunday.  For those of you who didn't get a chance to complete it before you left, you still have time.  All attendees will get an email from the online registration with a link to the evaluation form.  If you completed the form at Conference, you can disregard the email.  Our hope is that attendees found Conference inspiring, fun, educational and a great way to spend the weekend.

With Conference behind us now, we are looking ahead to our next event.  Mark your calendars for Soroptimist Development Retreat July 8 -9, 2017 at the Atlantis Casino Spa Resort.  We are planning for it NOW!  We hope to have about 16 breakout sessions along with 2 general sessions.  This is not just for your club officer training, there's something for ALL Soroptimists.

See you in July!

Sincerely,  Governor Vicki 

Message from the Governor April 25, 2017

Sierra Nevada Region Soroptimists,

I recently received a report on the Club Giving efforts of the Sierra Nevada Region.  About 48% of our clubs are contributing to SIA through Club Giving.  I want to take a few minutes of your time to make sure the clubs are aware of how your Club Giving money is spent and the deadlines for recognition.

Our Club Giving directly effects our efforts in making a difference for women and girls throughout our federation.  Our donations fund the Soroptimist Dream Programs.  The club and member donations fund only 68% of the total funds of the Live Your Dream and the Dream It, Be It.  The balance comes from investment income.  Did you know that the SNR winners of the Live Your Dream that are awarded on Sunday of Conference are funded from members and investment income?  SNR is not writing those checks, they come from SIA.  I did not realize this until I was SNR Treasurer.

SIA asks clubs to budget 10% of fundraising dollars to go to Club Giving.  It's a target and if we didn't have one, would we remember to budget for it?  We have received more in money back to the region than we have contributed in many years.  We are a healthy region and I think many of our clubs can contribute.

As clubs are working on their budgets for next club year, please remember that your club giving will come back to us in awards for our region Live Your Dream winners.

In clarification, a club must submit their annual remittance by May 31st to be recognized as contributing this year.  If you submit after this date, your club contribution will be applied to the following year.

Thank you all for all your efforts on behalf of women and girls.

Vicki Watson

SNR Governor 2016-2018

Message from the Governor April 11, 2017



We will be submitting our meals counts to the Atlantis this week, so you only have a few days left to register "late" for Conference.  We still have room for you, the more the merrier.  So, if you are planning to come and haven't registered yet, do it NOW.

I also wanted to provide you with the link to the Lip Sync Battle sign up form.  We have several "acts" that are already signing up.  Space is limited due to time, so if you want to play along and have some fun, please sign up soon.  Our emcee for the Battle is available to answer your questions and to help you if you need it.  You can reach her at

Deadline for entries is April 20th.

Here's a link to the Lip Sync form to inspire you.

See you many of you soon in Reno!


Governor Vicki

SNR Governor 2016-2018


Message from the Governor April 4, 2017


Member recruitment is not something that is just a committee's job.  Its an all club effort at all times.  We are recruiting, in some respect, each time we act on the behalf of our organization.  So why do women join?  There are many unique reasons. Soroptimist International of the Americas has reported back to us in the past noting surveys asking women why they join Soroptimist.   The  "easy" answer was to have fun while working toward a common goal with like minded women.  When others see us having fun, they want to be a part of it. 

So although our annual conference isn't necessarily a recruitment event, we still want to have fun.   On Friday night of our 2017 Conference, we are putting on a Lip Sync Contest as Governor Elect Lane mentioned last week. I'm mentioning it again this week due to the limited space we have for "acts".  You will thoroughly enjoy watching our fellow Soroptimists having a blast as they "perform" their song or as you are on the stage.  The beauty of Lip Syncing is that you don't have to have any singing talent what-so-ever and no one will ever know.  You just have to be willing to have fun.

So, here's your chance to have some of that fun you signed up for.  Master of Ceremonies Stacey Sawyer is ready to hear from you, in fact, I think her club has already signed up.

One housekeeping item this week....there was a typo in the Call to Conference regarding the Nominations.  These women are not running for District Director positions, at least not yet ;)  They are running for the position of Nominating Committee Member for their district.  I know that the vast majority of you knew this already and probably didn't even notice the typo.  The correction has been made to the Call to Conference on the SNR Website.

Thank you all and have a wonderful fun-filled week.


Governor Vicki

SNR Governor 2016-2018 

Message from the Governor March 28, 2017

"Leadership is not a position or a title, it is action and example",  author unknown

One of my goals this biennium is to aid in the development of leaders in our organization. One leadership style is to "lead by example".

I quote Carl Golden, "Good leaders must lead by example. By walking your talk, you become a person others want to follow. When leaders say one thing, but do another, they erode trust--a critical element of productive leadership".  He goes on to list 10 things you can do to lead by example.  I have listed a few.

1. Take responsibility. Blame costs you your credibility  

2. Be truthful. Inaccurate representation affects everyone.  

3. Listen. Ask questions. Seek to understand.  

For the full list, you can find it here.  (   TRACEY, make the "find it here" the link.

A few weeks ago, I shared the Soroptimist International of the Americas (SIA) board decision to phase out our use of the SI emblem (the lady logo).  I did get a few questions which were primarily focused on our membership pins that we so proudly wear which are the SI emblem. It seems, for the most part, members understand the need for the change to brand ourselves with the S logo that was introduced years ago.

So with "leading by example" in mind, I have begun the subtle change to remove the SI emblem from our region documents and promotional materials.  You may or may not have noticed this already.  We have until 2019 to phase her out of our materials, but I have decided to take the lead and begin the phase out now.  She is, however, a part of our history and we can continue to wear the pin along side our S jewelry.  I have provided more information from SIA to assist the clubs with this transition.

Let me know if you have any questions,


Governor Vicki