Recruitment Minute: The NO GUILT Soroptimist Club

Recruitment Minute: The NO GUILT Soroptimist Club
By Jackie Sillman, SNR/SIA Membership Chair
Recruiting members can be a daunting task-it’s hard to know exactly what a prospective member is looking for when she visits your club. What if you could “get inside the head” of a group of prospective members to learn everything they want out of a membership.
You’re in luck! Here are a few tips…
Relationships - Nearly 75% of prospective members sought “friendship and fellowship” and being with other like-minded women.” Invite a prospective member to come to a meeting a few minutes early, and introduce her to a few members so that she’ll at ease once you get down to business!
Mission - 68% were interested in joining because of a personal connection to our mission. When talking about your club, focus on a mission-based work and let a potential member know how she can get directly involved in those projects when she joins!
Personal Growth - 63% of those surveyed hoped to gain leadership and personal development opportunities through their membership. Be sure to share any opportunities for leadership training - what is the path for a new member who wants to take on responsibility in the club? Steer her towards committees and projects that will truly engage her interests!
Volunteer Opportunities - 62% of prospective members are looking for hands on opportunities to do volunteer work.
Invite prospective members to your upcoming project, program, or event! This should be easy to demonstrate-volunteer opportunities are the club’s peanut butter and jelly!
Our clubs are uniquely poised to offer all of the above-a group of like-minded women with whom to foster friendships and grow together while volunteering on life-changing programs that improve the  lives of women and girls!