What is a PSA?

What is a PSA?
A PSA, or Public Service Announcement, is a statement submitted to news organizations;
newspapers, magazines and television stations; designed to get a specific message out to the 
public. How does this type of article differ from regular articles? In our case, they are pre-written for us by SIA and they are generally published for FREE. These are not advertisements or news articles. Public Service Announcements are a service that the news agencies perform as a benefit to the public. SIA’s development of these tools allows us to quickly submit information to our local news channels which includes information that is consistent and clear.
In summary, SIA has designed publicity tools for just about everything!
To help all of the clubs to find their local news organizations, I have put together a spreadsheet with all the contact information for the newspapers and television stations in your local areas.
This is a work in progress, and it can always improved, so I challenge you to add to my list! Use this resource when you have any opportunity to get the Soroptimist word to the public.
Does your club get publicized on a regular basis? Submit your news article links to 
publicawareness@soroptimistsnr.org so that we can share the publicity with the region.
Danielle Kennedy
Public Awareness Chair